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Choice words: choose / select / pick / elect

A series of articles on the vocabulary of the English language is called «choice of the word.» We examine the values ​​of each of the words and decide in which context it is necessary to use them. We select the most suitable option. But the word «choose» is translated into English several synonyms — different verbs. And in this case it is necessary to determine on which to choose.

Choice words: choose / select / pick / elect — meaning «to choose, to choose, to allocate»

Among the four verbs, only the first is wrong, and therefore its shape to remember: choose — chose — chosen. The remaining three words — the words of the right, past form to create ed. All words are different from each other such characteristics: the severity of the selection; Careful selection; Factors influencing the choice; availability of alternative choices.

Meaning of the verb choose are the following options: choose, elect, choose, decide to look, isolated. This is the most common meaning of the word. That’s why we use this verb, when it comes to serious choice or some nonsense. Moreover, in this case, may choose meticulously or carelessly. And the alternative in such situations may also be present.

I helped my brother to choose a name for his baby. — I helped my brother to choose a name for the baby.

It took them a long time to choose a suitable house. — It took a long time to choose a suitable home.

It was not so easy to choose between these two boys. — It was not easy to choose between these two boys.

There are four to choose. — You can choose from four.

She was chosen the leader of their community. — She was chosen the leader of their community.

The second select verb implies a careful choice among the many options not an alternative. In this case, no matter the severity of the case or any targets that choice. In the Russian language is the word we translate the following options: select, select, allocate.

They have selected four candidates. -They Have selected four candidates.

Can you help me to select a gift for this holiday? — Can you help me pick out a gift for this holiday?

Do you know who selects a jury in the court? — Do you know who selects the jury in court?

Verb pick as well as the previous verb implies a careful choice. But the choice in this case, it may also reflect personal preferences and tastes to choose from. Therefore, we can even talk about picky, legibility, an effort to get the best available. And one or more of an object, is not significant. In the Russian language we translate this verb as follows: choose, pick, sort, seek out.

I was never picked for the university volleyball team. — I was never elected to the team in volleyball at the university.

I prefer to pick my words carefully. — I prefer to choose his words carefully.

I have to share it with somebody so I pick you. — I need to share it with someone else, so I choose you.

And finally, the last synonym elect represents a choice associated with the solution of serious, very important issues. The choice this time will mean that other ways and other possibilities are no more. For the translation of the verb remember these words: choose the (ballot) to elect, appoint (in the post), to make a choice.

They elected him king. — They elected him king.

He elected to stop. — He chose to stay.

The child elected to stay with his father. — The child decided to stay with his father.

All the proposed synonyms can manage direct or prepositional complements (prepositional among / from).



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