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The English language can be taught in different ways. Of course, learning English through Skype or on the course of employment, and the hope for a successful development there. But now many people prefer to comprehend English on their own. I do not think that in this case nothing happens. Be sure to turn with a great desire and perseverance. The problem is only in how you will be able to practice fully in practice a particular skill.

Teach yourself the words is easy, but how to be completely confident in their pronunciation? Especially if you do not contact with anyone who teaches English. To comprehend the rules of English grammar can also be alone, but to see whether you are using them in practice? English devoting at least a few months, you realize that you already have a vocabulary sufficient for basic communication in English. However, when it comes to the live call, there is our proverbial «language barrier». It seems to know a lot, but I can not say. I can not find the right word or afraid to make mistakes. This issue is closely linked to the lack of adequate language practice. What can we do to fix all these situations, but the time to attend courses not at all?

There is an exit. And it is available to anyone with Internet access. I would advise to pay attention to the chat in English. The word «chat» Now nobody will be surprised. Everyone knows that it comes from the English «chat» (talk, talk) and represents a means of exchanging messages over a computer network in real time. Initially, chats were only correspondence online. Now we can use both voice and video chats.

How to chat in English may help in the learning process? First of all, any chat — it is a conversation between two people, in this case, you are a native speaker and that already represents a certain value. Communicating in any chat room, you meet new people, make new friends, and this is a big plus.

If we are talking about a standard chat is not English, that is, chat, correspondence, you can practice spelling skills and develop knowledge of grammar when writing messages. Only once I agree with the person that you would like to pay attention to the quality of the correspondence. The fact is that the chat in English is so popular that for a long time now a special slang for a chat, which has in its arsenal a lot of cuts. They are designed for the speed of communication, but as we use the chat in English as a learning tool, from slang would have to give both you and your interlocutor.

If we are talking about voice chat in English, in the foreground pronunciation practice, practice perception of English listening comprehension, as well as the improvement of speech. You just imagine as if communicating with someone on the phone. Very often in conjunction with voice chat in English, and there is video chat. This is a full conversation with a native speaker, well, except that in the screen. You can not just say something, but also to show. You learn not shade in the company of a man fluent in English. In any case, you can always something to ask again. Frequent communication, you also begin to imitate the intonation companion and try to get rid of the accent. These factors also have a positive effect on your knowledge of the English language.

Where can I find a chat in English?

If you decide that a chat in English will help you, as well, and will visit several resources provided and choose what suits you best:

  • englishbaby .com — one of the most popular resources in this area, containing not only a chat in English, and English classes, blogs, forums and various information materials.
  • — a community of people from around the world, whose purpose is the exchange of language and language learning.
  • — Community of 100 million people who for the past five years, instant messaging, chatting in English and are divided into useful materials.
  • — on this site you will be able to communicate with native speakers online, share teaching materials, and even make an appointment in your city.
  • — choose native speakers around the world.

Try to use a chat in English in the course of your training. Harm it will not bring you exactly, but the positive trend will be marked.



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