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Certificate of English

Today, virtually everyone in some point realizes that he needs English. Now knowledge of this language is not a prerogative of sophistication or a certain class of people. It is a vital necessity, a kind of tool that will work for you for a lifetime. Since English is quite popular in every city, there are many organizations that offer to teach a foreign language each. Rate the quality of various English language courses can be visited either in the classroom or interviewing circle of acquaintances. However, cautious concern those courses that promise to issue a certificate in English. These organizations can submit your own invention is of Certificate in English, which is of no value will not have. As a rule, it only contains information about what course you are studying and what period of time it covers. According to these data to understand your level of proficiency impossible. How to do it? And what to do if you want to reinforce your knowledge of the special document? In this case, you have to take one of the international examinations and get really worth Certificate in English of international standard.

What are the certifications in English

English as a second or foreign language certify your foreign language at a particular level. After passing this exam, you will receive a certificate of English, which is recognized by educational institutions and employers of English-speaking countries. Yes, to study in foreign universities, money alone is not enough, need proof of your knowledge of English. The same situation is with the search for work abroad. The employer is required to provide prompt an international certificate in the English language, and maybe even hold additional testing concerning your future profession. In both cases, the training should be at the highest level, so people learning English, which in future will want to find a practical application of it, trying to pass at least one of the international examinations.

International exams are several:

  • TOEFL, checking American English, which is recognized by the American universities and colleges.
  • IELTS, one of the most respected tests in English, the results of which are recognized by most universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It was developed by the British Council, Cambridge ESOL examination centers and IDP: IELTS Australia.
  • KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, TKT, ILEC, ICFE — Cambridge University exams Cambridge ESOL, are a «seal of quality» for any employer and the recognized institutions of English-speaking countries.

To obtain a Certificate in English of one of the above examinations is enough to be financially prepared and registered in the international linguistic centers, which are in major cities. Take these exams twice a year. Learn the language and confirm their knowledge and skills Certificate of English. In this case, you will be able to take advantage of any opportunities that you open.



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