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CELTA’s fun

In any teaching staff find a person who will always say that he did not have enough knowledge or just experience, which consequently will lead him to new horizons and force to expand their horizons. Teachers linguists lot of ways to do that simply must be periodically to develop, although there may be some problems with the finances or time. When I graduated from university, spoke about the communicative approach as something not really necessary, as in the Soviet Union, and after him, language training is always reduced and often limited to translation and retelling of texts with a terrible accent. I would argue, as I have to do with it. My teachers were deaf tutorials and a complete lack of communicative aspects. Even at the university teaching staff are not particularly made us to communicate purely in English during classroom. Education was reduced to reading and translation, as well as a huge number of books cramming expressions not used in common speech.

After university, experience has shown that knowledge of the procedure, or rather the lack thereof, made me go their own way. I just sit down atmosphere communicative style in the classroom. Many people did not like it. To prove to myself that I am right, I choose an effective rate of CELTA, after which received a certificate for the right to adult education communicative method, applicable in all countries of the world and to develop Cambridge.

This technique is considered to be unique and is available wherever there are schools of the British Council or the branch school International House. It is aimed at the development of speaking first and foremost, that is, monologue and dialogue of its aspects.

But if the students this technique seems fabulous, for the teachers, who came to her study, she seems at first Hell in the full sense of the word. The course lasts for 6 weeks, of course, there’s the weekend, but they go to the preparation of the four written assignments that differ strict wording and number of words. Plus all the free time spent on planning lessons that need to be carefully thought out so in a certain pattern, which is often dizzy. For example, if the lesson is about the grammatical subject, it is constructed under the scheme:

  • warm-up
  • introduction to the topic (m / f / p)
  • controlled practice
  • freer practice

This scheme can not be broken, because you can get the lowest score during the lessons. Such abbreviations as a (m / f / p) have the following meanings: meaning, from and pronunciation, and a lesson plan looks like this: (see. Annex 1).

Throughout the course we had 12 people, in the beginning, we were taught the elementary level, and then average. It was not easy to adapt. Every day rise at 6 am to 9 half had to hand over all written assignments and lesson plans, or a fine, or non-admission to the carrying out of a class, which is equivalent to not passing the course. Actually, the system, as in the Soviet army or university. I did not give up — your problems, but the pressure was very high, and sometimes even tragic for the psyche. Freedom-loving people do not advise to go there, if you know how to argue, forget! You no full zero without a stick! And it’s really painful!

Each group had the charge of two coaches, or one, but it is during the third week of classes. Basically, they have a great experience, but often they are great actors who play to the audience better than Faina Ranevskaya. The course costs money. I paid for it at a discount, offering prepaid, so I at a cost of slightly more than 9,000 hryvnia. Although I have bought for their money office and small things. But is not the point, I think it is at the root of the problem. You may smile, but think of you, God knows what, but at the same time you are well aware that you do not care at all. At the end of the course are evaluated visitors auditor over which we have repeatedly laughed, because they expected a silent scene of Gogol, but the worst is not checked Auditor novooperivshihsya teachers and our coaches, so we are not particularly worried.

One of the highlights of the course can be noted the absence of rigorous training, and liberalism. As well as writing assignments that do not just show your level of proficiency, but also your ability to express themselves correctly and accurately. I loved this job, because I generally like to write. In this I see the creativity and the desire for elegance linguistic form. Therefore, I suggest to get acquainted with one of these written assignments: (see. Annex 2).

Now, after a year I can with scrupulous precision planning any activity, all inputs and outputs are known to me, they are simple at a glance, but one thing I have to say frankly that if you live and work at Celta, you just do not sleep and do not have spare time, which in itself is fraught.

Therefore, dear teachers, the decision is yours! As the money is not lying on the road, and I have known some people who have left Celta halfway because of psychological pressure. Go ahead, if you can, to feel sorry for you will still be about.



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