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Car’s Anatomy. Apparatus vehicle English

I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car’s headlights and tell you exactly which way it’s coming.

Dude, I know all about cars! I can look at the headlights of any car and say in what direction it is moving.

Mitch Hedberg

As the author of the epigraph, I do not know much about how to drive a car, how to change a tire, even in what number to call in case of machine failure, but I can help you understand the words associated with the automotive theme in English. 🙂 What are machines? What parts are they? Let’s look together!

Types of vehicles in English

I do not presume to speak for everyone, but I’m sure lots of machines can cause confusion among girls and women: it seems that the type of machine so much that it is simply impossible to remember everything. I hasten to assure you that, despite what they are all different body types is not too much, and then, depending on the type of each company is finalizing its own unique design. But these types are:

Saloon Saloon
Hatchback Hatchback
Estate Versatile
Coupe Coupe
Convertible Convertible
Roadster Roadster
Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) SUV
Pickup Pick-up
Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) Crossover
Limousine Limousine
People carrier (minivan)

Multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs)


«OLA» — wagon with increased capacity

Van Van
Lorry / Truck Lorry

External elements of a vehicle in English

The external structure of the vehicle about the same, everywhere should be the hood, wheels, bodywork. We distinguish these parts:

  1. Bonnet / bɒnɪt / — hood
  2. Wing mirror / wɪŋ mɪrə (r) / — side mirror
  3. Windscreen / wɪn (d) ˌskriːn / — Windshield
  4. Rear-view mirror / rɪvjuː mɪrə (r) / — mirror
  5. Windscreen wiper / wɪn (d) ˌskriːn waɪpə (r) / — «janitor»
  6. Door — Door
  7. Boot / buːt / — trunk
  8. Tyre or tire / taɪə (r) / — Bus
  9. Wheel / wiːl / — tire
  10. Headlight / hedˌlaɪt / — Spotlight
  11. Bumper / bʌmpə (r) / — Bumper
  12. Licence (or license) plate / laɪs (ə) ns pleɪt / — number plate
  13. Indicator / ɪndɪˌkeɪtə (r) / — direction indicator

Elements of interior and driving devices in English

Naturally, the interior of each car is unique in its own way, but there are certain elements of the interior space, which can be found in any car:

  1. Back seat — rear seat
  2. Armrest — armrest
  3. Headrest — Headrest
  4. Seatbelt — belt
  5. Door lock — Door Lock
  6. Door handle — door handle

And now look at the elements of interior and control instruments through the eyes of the driver:

  1. Steering wheel / stɪərɪŋ / — steering wheel
  2. Horn / hɔː (r) n / — signal horn
  3. Dashboard — Dashboard
  4. Air vent — Ventilation
  5. Hazard light switch / hæzə (r) d / — button alarm
  6. Glove compartment — the glove compartment
  7. Gear shift — shift lever
  8. Accelerator — pedal
  9. Brake — brake pedal
  10. Clutch — the clutch pedal
  11. Handbrake — handbrake
  12. Cigarette lighter — cigarette lighter

Moreover, if we examine more closely the instruments in the car, we must specify:

  1. Temperature gauge / ɡeɪdʒ / — engine temperature sensor
  2. Rev counter / tachometer — Tachometer (shows the number of engine revolutions per minute)
  3. Speedometer — Speedometer
  4. Fuel gauge — fuel gauge
  5. Lights switch — light switch
  6. Odometer — Odometer (displays the vehicle mileage)
  7. Air bag — bag
  8. Heater controls — heating control
  9. Car stereo — car stereo, radio

List of English words on the theme «Car» with transfer

Then we offer you a more complete list of words that may be of interest to motorists who are learning English:

↓ Download the table «List of English words on the theme» Car «with transfer» (* .pdf, 73 KB)

Types of bodies
Convertible Convertible
Coupe Coupe
Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) Crossover
Estate Versatile
Hatchback Hatchback
Limousine Limousine
Lorry (BE) / truck (AE) Lorry
People carrier (minivan) / Multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) Minivan / «OLA» — wagon with increased capacity
Pickup Pick-up
Roadster Roadster
Sedan Saloon
Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) SUV
Van Van
External elements
Aerial Antenna
Back door Backdoor
Backup lights Reversing lights
Body Body
Bonnet (BE) / hood (AE) Hood
Boot (BE) / trunk (AE) Trunk
Brake lights / stop lights Stop Light
Bulbs Lamps
Bumper Bumper
Caravan (BE) / trailer (AE) Trailer
Door handle Door handle
Exhaust pipe / tail pipe Exhaust pipe
Fog lights Fog lights
Front door The front door
Front wheel Front wheel
Grill Radiator grille
Headlights Headlights
High beam Distant Light
Hubcap Wheel cover
Indicator / turn signal / blinker (informal) Turn indicator
Lens Glass of headlight
Low beam Dipped
Moonroof Moon Roof or skylight
Number plate (BE) / license (licence) plate (AE) License plate
Parking lights Parking lights
Rear wheel Rear wheel
Rear window The rear window
Roof Roof
Roof rack Roof rack
Side lights Sidelights
Side window Side window
Sunroof Sunroof
Tail lights Rear lights
Tailgate Rear doors (wagons)
Tyre (BE) / tire (AE) Sheen
Windscreen / windshield Windshield / windshield
Windscreen wiper Janitors
Wing (BE) / fender (AE) Fender
Wing mirror / side mirror Side mirror
Salon Equipment
Accelerator (BE) / gas pedal (AE) Gas pedal
Air conditioner Air Conditioning
Air vent Venting
Armrest Arm
Back seat Backseat
Brake Brake
Cab Cabin
Car stereo Car stereo / radio
Cigarette lighter Cigarette lighter
Clutch Coupling
Column shift Paddle shift lever
Cruise control Cruise control (automatic speed maintenance)
Dashboard Dashboard
Door lock Door lock
Front seat Front seat
Fuel gauge The fuel gauge
Gear lever / gear stick (BE) / gear shift (AE) The shift lever
Glove compartment The glove compartment
Handbrake / emergency brake / parking brake Hand brake
Hazard light switch Alarm button
Headliner Headlining the cabin
Headrest Headrest
Heater The heater / stove
Heater controls Heating control
Horn The signal horn
Ignition switch Egnition lock
Indicator switch (BE) / turn signal lever (AE) Lever direction indicators
Lights switch Light switch
Odometer Odometer
Passenger seat Passenger seat
Pedal Treadle
Rear-view mirror Rearview mirror
Seatbelt / safety belt Safety belt
Speedometer Speedo
Steering wheel Steering wheel
Sun visor Sun visor
Tachometer / rev counter Tachometer
Temperature gauge Motor temperature sensor
Accumulator / battery Battery
Alternator Generator
Bearing Bearing
Brake disc (BE) / brake rotor (AE) Brake disk
Brake fluid Brake fluid
Brake pad Brake shoe
Camshaft Camshaft
Car alarm Car Alarm
Carburettor (BE) / carburetor (AE) Carburetor
Chassis Landing gear
Coolant Coolant
Cooling system Cooling system
Crankshaft Crankshaft
Cylinder Cylinder
Cylinder block Cylinder block
Dipstick Dipstick oil
Electrical system Electrical
Engine Engine / motor
Fan Ventilator
Fan belt Fan drive belt
Fasteners Fasteners (nuts, bolts, and so on. N.)
Filter Cleaner
Flywheel Flywheel
Fuel lines Fuel lines
Fuse Safety catch
Gasket Gasket
Gearbox Transmission
Hose Hose
Hose clamp Clamp
Ignition Ignition
Injection Injection
Oil pump Oil pump
Petrol tank / fuel tank The fuel tank
Radiator Radiator
Spark plug Spark plug
Spring Spring
Starter Starter
Suspension Suspension
Transmission Transmission
Window roller Windows
Diesel engine Diesel engine
Diesel fuel Diesel fuel
Driving licence (BE) / driver’s license (AE) Driver’s license
Exit The exit of the highway
Fuel Fuel
Garage Garage / shop
Gear Transmission
Highway Freeway
Ignition key Ignition
Jack Jack
Oil Butter
Petrol (BE) / gasoline (AE) Petrol
Petrol Station (BE) / Gas Station (AE) Petrol station
Pump Pump
Road Road
Screwdriver Screwdriver
Spanner Wrench
Spare parts Spare parts
Spare tyre (BE) / spare tire (AE) Spare wheel
Tool Tools
Traffic light / traffic signal Traffic light

This article consists mainly of nouns that describe the components of the car, but I think you will also be useful to know what the verbs we use when we talk about transport:

  • Board a plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / underground — to sit on the plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / metro
  • Get on / off a plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / underground — to sit in (get out of) the plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / metro
  • Get in / out of a plane / car / bus / taxi — to get into the (exit) the airplane / car / bus / taxi
  • Catch the plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / underground — catch (catch) the plane / train / bus / tram / ​​ferry / metro
  • Drive a car / bus / taxi — drive / bus / taxi

Well, I hope, is the abundance of new words did not bother you, and you will easily be able to remember all of the phrases. In order to secure this material, offer to take the test on this topic!



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