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Cards in English

We all love the holidays (holidays)! Some people prefer birthday (birthday celebrations) and New Year (New Year), someone is happy, when it comes to Valentine’s Day (St. Valentine’s Day), well, others simply thrilled with purely family celebrations, such as , the anniversary of a certain event (anniversary). No matter what type you are celebrating not treated, you can hardly dispute the fact that you are nice to receive gifts (presents) and congratulations (congratulations / greetings). Congratulations can be different: verbal (in the form of speeches and toasts), presented in written or electronic form (letter, postcard).

So it is not defined when it appeared the world’s first card (card / greeting card). So it is not decided who is the creator. Different nation is credited with this achievement itself. We do not understand who is right. Just note that the official card has been recognized in 1874 at the World Postal Congress in Berne, and the first copies have been issued Russian Community of St. Eugene in 1898. However, today printed cards gradually lose their popularity as they have a good competitor — the virtual postcards.

Where to find cards in English?

Enough popular way is to send a simple greeting, animated and flash cards congratulator. As we learn the English language, we are interested only in the English language postcard. The demand for them is enormous. And if there is demand, there is supply. Indeed, the resources on which cards are presented in English, quite a lot. We will mention just some of them.

  1. — free flash cards in English on all occasions. Sending takes only a minute.
  2. — a fairly large selection of greeting cards in English, divided into categories.
  3. — in addition to the beautiful cards in English on the site the holiday calendar for the year.
  4. — this is one of the most popular resources on the postcards in English. Since it has sent more than 2 billion cards. Their collection consists of 1000 cards at the moment.
  5.,, — excellent resource with remarkable postcards in English.

On many cards in English, you can write your wishes in English (wishes) the person to whom it is intended. You can create your own text, and you can use the internet and find the beautiful words in the English language that will express your feelings. For example, good poems online

As we see the opportunity to congratulate the person on the internet a lot. Send postcards in English! You will not only make a person pleased, but made him think English! After all, it is he needs to translate sent you desire!



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