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Cambridge exams FCE, CAE, CPE. Useful tips

Many of us have wondered about the necessity of passing a Cambridge exam at an international certificate. «For what it is?», «What time it is given?», «How difficult it is to pass?» And thousands of questions appear in the minds of those who would like or want to pass these exams. But «first things first», so let’s start with the most important — what is it?

FCE (First Certificate in English), CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) and CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) — the three official Cambridge exam on knowledge of the English language. Certificate of each of these exams is an official document confirming that you are proficient in English at a certain level:

  • FCE — you speak English at Upper-Intermediate B2 (above average).
  • CAE — you speak English at Advanced C1 (advanced).
  • CPE — you professionally proficient in English Proficient C2 (fluency).

Certificates of these exams are the official confirmation of your language competence, that is, how free you speak English as a foreign language. Thousands of companies worldwide demand Certificates of deposit of these exams for employment. Also, if you want to go to study in English-speaking countries, where all instruction is in English, then you will also need proof of your language documentation skills. Despite the fact that the graduates of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​are at the hands of state diplomas that they have successfully completed training at universities, colleges, yet many linguistic courses in hiring teachers require international certificate of knowledge of the English language. That international exams are the most appropriate and objective way to evaluate the knowledge and skills in the language, ie. A. When they surrender the likelihood that you will get an undeserved evaluation of their knowledge is reduced to almost zero.

In order to begin to prepare for the first of this series of exams (FCE), you need to already have a certain amount of knowledge. Training will be most successful if the candidate will be proficient in English at Intermediate (B1). To prepare for these exams are being very serious and responsible, t. To. Firstly, the format is unusual assignments and tests for candidates, and secondly, this fun requires significant financial investment. Besides the cost of the exam, which is quite high, it is worth mentioning the money that is usually spent on group or individual English classes specifically aimed at preparing for one of the exams. On average, they say, to successfully pass the exam (and successfully completed the exam is considered if the candidate won 60% of correct answers) need to be addressed from 6 months to a year and a half with an intensity of at least 2 times a week. As you know, I would not want to such efforts and investments were without a positive outcome, and therefore work in the preparatory phase have assiduously.

Each exam has a specific set of typical exercises for each of the 5 aspects:

  • Reading (Reading)
  • Listening (Listening)
  • Writing (Letter)
  • Use of English (use the English language at the CPE combined with Reading)
  • Speaking (Speaking)

As noted earlier, renting is considered successful if performed correctly 60% of jobs in all aspects of the exam. The maximum that can be obtained for each aspect, it is 100 points. From 100-80% is correct — it’s A,. E. What we can call «excellent», from 80-75% this corresponds to our «very good» and from 75-60% — a C or «OK». The rating is made up of all the scores obtained for each dimension, and then divided by the number of aspects.

Hence, the main task when preparing to pass any exam is to develop oral assignments (Speaking), writing (Writing) and the so-called «use of the English language» (Use of English) parts of the exam. After all, these tasks can be most carefully prepared, to consider in detail the format of assignments and tests, carry out a great number of typical exercises to work grammatical structures and language cliches in speech and writing. Many of those who took the exams, said that most unpredictable of their parts are Reading and Listening — it’s like roulette: maybe there will be a light and sophisticated Reading Listening, and maybe vice versa. Despite the «unpredictability» of these parts of the examination, they can still get ready, because they are also made up of typical tasks, and to the correct solution of each task should be to develop a specific strategy.

Of course, that only you can decide whether to take the exam for international certificate or not, but the benefits of a certificate undeniable. First, they are valid for the whole life. Secondly, a certificate when applying for a job right will give you a significant advantage over those who do not. For you will open the door to the majority of higher education institutions in Europe and the United States. In addition, you can get a real and impartial assessment of your knowledge, which will give you an incentive to continue to work on their skills in the English language.



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