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Cabinet English

Cabinet of English language school for students — a small foreign country. Getting there, you wonder — how many talents of our teachers are often out of nothing doing something incredible.

Equipment cabinet means of training, design office, creating a comfortable psychological climate play an important role in the development of the subject and the development of the creative potential of students.

Making Cabinet English

There are many supporters of the so-called «clean» rooms. They believe that all kinds of posters, stands, portraits on the walls have virtually no efficiency and often distract students from the learning process.

Maybe, but, in my opinion, in vitro just need to convey the spirit of the target language country. Such an approach will not only increase the motivation of pupils, but also contribute to the moral and emotional development. Do not be redundant portraits of prominent people of Great Britain, paintings depicting landmarks, information boards and posters. The main thing that the office was not overwhelmed by them.

The specificity of the subject is to teach the English language to communicate. If you need to see the dialogue partner, and it is difficult to do, if your opponent is, for example, during the discussion, sitting in the back row, and you are the first. A good solution to this problem will be staging a special party — on the perimeter, or better yet, the presence of a round table. Thus, the position of the «face to face» stimulate a dialogue in English, and discussions and helps to remove the language barrier.

A special role is given to the technical equipment of the office of the English language. The effectiveness of the learning process increases the use of a computer. Working with a variety of training programs not only to train memory, but also significantly improve the level of English proficiency. Difficulties perception of English listening comprehension will help overcome the DVD- and CD-players. Unfortunately, in our schools like technical means are not available to all, but if they do, ignore them — an unforgivable mistake. Given the lack of language environment of watching movies in English is not a waste of time, according to some trainers and teachers. This process allows you to plunge into the world of «live» the English language.

Articles and reference books in the study of the English language — as a necessary attribute. Usually it dictionaries, directories, books and periodicals for students and manuals to assist the teacher.

Cabinet of English — a small window in an English-speaking country. Therefore, the more power is embedded in its design, the easier it will be configured to students learning English.



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