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Business writing in English

As you know, business and commercial letters differ in style from personal correspondence and are written in the prescribed form. Business Letter — is always an official report, and when I started drawing it, you must remember that how competently and correctly content will depend on the success of the solution of various issues.

Structure of business letters in English

Business writing in English consist of the following components:

  1. header
  2. date of the letter
  3. the name and address of the recipient
  4. opening address
  5. the main text of the letter
  6. the final formula of politeness
  7. signature
  8. an indication of the application

In business letters in English tend to avoid the word wrapping. The width of the field on the left side of the sheet should be at least 2 cm from the necessity of filing letters.


The header contains the name and address of the sender and the number of details: the address for telegrams, fax number, telephone numbers.

A sample of the title of the company:

All communications to be addressed to the company and not to individuals

Early Bird Warning Systems

75, Carlton Street, London EC 4

Date of the letter

Departure Date letter is usually written in the right corner below the title. The following methods nd in business letters in English:

  1. 12 th September, 2010
  2. 12 September, 2010
  3. September 12 th, 2010
  4. September 12, 2010

Before numerals denoting the year, usually a comma, but the point of the end date of designation is not required.

Name and address of the recipient

Name and address of the organization or other individual recipient of the letter is written on the left side of the form letter. If the letter is addressed to an individual — man, before his name is put the word Mr. (short for Mister):

Mr. Tom Black

If the letter is addressed to a married woman, the word is used Mrs. (short for Mrs.):

Mrs. Mary Green

When addressing letters to unmarried women use the word Miss (Miss), followed by the recipient’s name:

Miss Anna White

After the name of the organization or the recipient’s last name in a separate line the number of the house and the name of the street (house number is given first). Following on a separate line is written the name of the city.

AT Trade Food & Beverages,

17, Canon Street,

London, EC3 4BR,


Opening address and the final formula of politeness

Business writing in English must contain an introductory treatment and final formula of politeness.

Opening address is written on the left side of the letter under the internal address on a separate line, and the final formula of courtesy — on the right side, at the end of the main text, and on separate lines.

Common formula opening address:

Dear Sirs, Dear Sirs (strictly formal)

Dear Sir, Dear Sir (strictly formal)

Dear Mr. Black, Dear Mr. Black (at least officially)

Dear Madam, Dear Madam (strictly formal)

Dear Mrs. Green, Dear Mrs. Green (at least officially)

Dear Miss White, Dear Miss White (at least officially)

When the message sender wants the letter was read by a certain person in the recipient’s organization, before opening or handling under him put the following inscription:

Attention: Mr. T. Black / Attention of Mr. Black

Dissemination of concluding formula:

Yours faithfully

Faithfully yours

Sincerely (strictly formal)

Yours truly

Yours sincerely


Yours sincerely, (at least officially)

The signature

Text in business letters in English bonkers on the right side of the form under the final formula. On the first line of the final formula is put under company name printed on your computer. Under the title, on the same line should be printed the name of the person who signed the letter. Often the name of the signatory letter published by a handwritten signature.

Pointing to the application in business letters in English

Business writing in English can contain applications. If the letter attached some materials in the lower left corner of the letters to spell the word signature Enclosure «application». If a message contains two or more applications, the number indicated.

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