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British English

Everything flows, everything changes. And here, once a single English language, the only one of its kind, today has several types: American, Canadian, Australian, and others. Each of them has its own characteristics, which he acquired over time. And what is the source, the British English? What will it become? Or, it remained the same, and the changes have not touched it?

Features British English

Time conscientiously work on the English language. As a result, we have not only the variety of dialects, and the three types of language which shares directly the British English.

The first type of language — English conservative (conservative). It is the language of the royal family and the British Parliament. He says the relatively small number of people. The second type — this is the language of the media, which is called the adopted standard (received pronunciation). And the last type of language — is an advanced English (advanced English). This is the movable type, which quickly take root elements of other languages, lexical borrowing. This is primarily the language of young people, which has a great influence American English.

English, which we are studying, the so-called national standard — the language of the educated population of the center and south-east England. The distinctive features of British English is more strict grammatical rules. And the British, as law-abiding citizens who respect the laws. They are very sensitive to their culture, are proud of their language and do not see the need to deliberate simplification of the English language. So time band Perfect, to the displeasure of idlers are used everywhere. Also, British English is distinguished by a clear pronunciation, intonation variety of models.

Many learners of English asking, «If British English is such a complicated grammatical terms, and even change under the influence of American English, whether to teach it at all?». In my opinion, no doubt.

In countries such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, India uses a variant of the English language closest to British English. It is the language of science, the international office, conferences, competitions. In addition, having a more complex version of the language, you will easily master the lighter dialects. If you want to attract attention in the United States, do not hesitate to his British accent. Though Americans believe the British prim yet classically beautiful it attracts them like a magnet, and a man with a British accent is considered to be more educated.

Undoubtedly, the study of British English will take you more time and effort than, say, the study of American English. But great men knew exactly «hard — fight easy.»



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