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Books to learn English

Learn English in various ways: viewing foreign films, listening to audio courses and radio programs in English, familiar with the material presented in the online courses on the Internet, and you can try to learn English on skype with us. But no matter how we tried to learn the language with the help of all of the above, our efforts will not succeed if we do not use books to learn English. That training literature has always been, is and will support the entire process.

Without books for learning English, we will not be able to get acquainted with the theory of not doing the exercises, we do not learn interesting facts about English-speaking countries — will not be able to organize the learning process themselves or someone else. We can only be glad that today any books to learn English almost all available, and, therefore, we need only decide what we need. Now, almost any book can be purchased at specialty stores and even downloaded from the Internet. Who prefers the latter can visit the library books to learn English online Although, as for me, nothing compares with a brand new «passion» of the desired book with glossy pages and subtle aroma of letterpress printing.

Choose a book to learn English

The range of books to learn English is simply stunning. They do so much just guessing «And what better to choose?». Of course, in the first place is always the textbook, which determines the educational process. Each will have to choose the publishing and the book series, which suits him. But I would like to mention the media, which should be almost everyone to learn the language because they not only help to diversify the educational process, but by themselves are simply excellent teaching materials. All of these books to learn English is not selected by «random selection» and according to the personal opinion of the author, who used those books and enjoyed (and not overjoyed).


This word is able to enter into a stupor than a dozen school children, students, and, in general, anyone who is studying English. This section Language frankly do not like, but still teach because nowhere to go. In this area there is a great edition of «English Grammar in Use», authored by Raymond Murphy. Well-structured book for learning English: the whole is divided into classes, which occupy two pages. One — the theory, the second — exercise. At the end of the book also presents the answers to these exercises. One caveat — the book is completely English, and that is where the rules of grammar are described in English. If the need is Russian explanations, use the «Practical Grammar of the English Language» Kachalova KN EE Izrailevich That’s really true, a more complete grammar reference not found. And to secure vyzubrennye rules, use the wonderful collection of exercises on the grammar of «Grammar» by A. J. Thomson, A. V. Martinet.

The lexicon (vocabulary)

Vocabulary — is the basis of all the foundations of learning a foreign language. As a rule, we first learn what to say and then how. Here, it is to the «what» as much as possible more diverse, extensive and rich, you need to constantly supplement your vocabulary with new words and expressions. To accomplish this goal is very good book for learning English, published by Cambridge University Press. Namely, a series of «English Vocabulary in Use», which consists of four books for different levels of English, from elementary to advanced.


Of course, working out the correct pronunciation contribute to numerous record with the necessary tasks. But, as an option, you can use the excellent level approach course staging pronunciation «New Headway Pronounciation Course», also includes four difficulty levels. By the way, a series of books to learn English line «Headway» is also very good.


Neither the learning process can not do without a dictionary. Everyone should have a bilingual dictionary of English and their native language. Good edition of «Russian-English and English-Russian Dictionary» publisher Oxford University Press. This book is quite heavy (about 1300 pages), and bulk, but also useful and effective in the process of learning the language. Do not forget about the photo-dictionaries, for example, «Photo Dictionary» by Marilyn S. Rosenthal, Daniel B. Feeman, released Longman.

And finally, I would like «to say hello» English teachers. All books for English language learning series Timesaver — that’s exactly what you need! They are many, and you get to know at least one and not regret it!



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