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Body parts in English

Let’s say you are in a country whose inhabitants speak only in English. Unfortunately, you have something sick or need medical care. No matter you refer to a pharmacy or a hospital, you have to tell the doctor what you have hurt. Another situation: you come to the store to buy clothes. You will need to explain the seller, things are what size you need and how they have to sit on you. Finally, very often in conversation, we describe other people, their appearance and character. It’s all the cases in which you will greatly help parts of the body of knowledge in English. And, believe me, a lot of these situations. That is why the study of the subject matter of the body in English is a must in the process of learning.

As part of the body is called in English?

Let’s imagine that we talk to the alien and we need to describe to him the average man or woman, that is just the earthly man. Our body consists of the trunk (body), the head (head), two arms (two arms) and two legs (two legs). We see with our eyes (eyes), hear the ears (ears), the smells catch nose (nose), we eat with the help of the teeth (teeth), located in the mouth (mouth, lips lips). Also note the hair (hair), although there are bald person (bald), forehead (forehead), eyebrows (eyebrows), the cheeks (cheeks), chin (chin). Then we explain to our interlocutor, what body parts we call breast (breast / chest), back (back), abdomen (stomach), waist region (waist) and buttocks (buttocks). Talking about the hand (arm), I must say that it consists of a shoulder (shoulder), forearm (forearm), elbow (elbow), wrist (wrist) and brushes (hand). Leg (leg) and can be divided into the thigh (hip, thigh), knee (knee), tibia (shin) and ankle (ankle). On hand (hand) and foot (foot) each person on hand. By the way, in English finger on the hand and toe — they are two different words: finger and toe, respectively. On behalf of a large hand them (thumb), index (forefinger), middle (middle finger), ring (ring finger) and pinky (little finger). By the way, the palm sound like palm, as well as the nail nail. Describing the foot, it can only be called a thumb (big toe).

Idiomatic expressions with body parts in English

We do not notice how often use the stable expression (idiom) in his speech. For example, are very common phrases such as «at ease», «fooling around», «making mountains out of molehills,» etc. In English idioms of mass, including with the use of the names of body parts. Stable expression should know by heart, as they can not be translated literally. All the words in the phrase to lose its original meaning and expression translates any phrase as a whole. Oh man, love for the ears, says he is head over heels in love. If someone promises something, but does not execute, use the expression lip service — empty promises. When it is said that he said the information should be trusted, which means that it is from a trusted source the horse’s mouth. And if anyone tries to ignore certain facts definitely say that he looks at everything through your fingers he turns a blind eye to. Even more idioms related to body parts, you can find in the record Idiom with body parts.

As we can see, having learned of the body in English, you can raise your level of proficiency to a new level, as you will be an endless number of idiomatic expressions, and the ability to use them in speech makes the language more alive and interesting!



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