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Birthday English

What is the birthday (birthday)? This is one day of the year, which marks the appearance of a person in this world. With birthday, we define the age (age), calculate how many years we have lived, and dream, how much more will live. Birthday priori everyone has and, therefore, celebrate (celebrate) his all people of our planet. Someone loves this holiday, some do not. The only difference in the traditions and customs (traditions and customs) of the holiday. We talk about the birthday in English.

How to celebrate birthday in English

Hundreds and even thousands of years ago, people believed that the birthday comes the confrontation of evil and good spirits (the opposition of bad and good spirits). The former can harm humans as a birthday is the day that changed his life. Then I believe that the only way to keep evil spirits at a distance (keep them at bay) — it is to be surrounded by family and loved ones, wishes (wishes) and gifts (birthday gifts / presents) which will help to avoid the harmful effects of evil spirits.

Be that as it may, we still prefer the birthday collect good company and enjoy the time spent with loved ones. In the UK and the US to celebrate the birth of the English language is accepted to arrange a party (birthday party). Birthday birthday (birthday boy / girl; birthday person) receives not only gifts, but cards with birthday greetings in English (birthday cards) .For example, like this:

You have a date to celebrate
Which comes but once a year
And so today we’d like to say
From all of us to you:
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!

It is also a kind of symbol (symbol) of the birth of the English language at the inhabitants of these countries is a simple song «Happy Birthday!», You sing with us. She wrote two American sisters in 1893. Now this song is translated into many languages.

The main attributes of holiday parties are a large number of balloons (balloons), decorating the room and a birthday cake topped with candles on the number of years (birthday cake topped with candles). Custom to light candles (the custom of lighting candles), placed in a cake, we owe the people who many years ago believed that with their help, they send a signal to the gods who live in heaven. According to them, when a person blows out the candles, these (blow out all candles) and make a wish (make a secret wish), it amplifies the signal, and the gods, hearing it, be sure to perform the hidden.

Usually birthday English very happy children and the elderly. For children in the joy of any holiday, especially a day dedicated to him personally. Elderly people are deprived of the attention of children and relatives. And received warm words in his address on the birthday of the English language, they are convinced that they are not forgotten.

In the United States, as well as ours, decided to bring a cake or sweets (cake or sweets) on the birthday of the English language and to celebrate this event with classmates (schoolmates / classmates), if a holiday falls on a weekday. In England, the birthday child may throw up in the air (bump / lift off) as many times as he was years old. And parents on the number of years lived are shuffled their child (spank). We tend to be slightly pulled over his ears.

With large scale people celebrate birthdays (anniversaries). This round date (10, 20, 30, etc.) or the most important stages (milestones) in age and life course (age, retirement, etc.). They are called milestone birthdays. In the US, one of these dates is a popular sixteenth birthday (the sweet sixteen birthday). At this age, it is already possible to obtain a driving license (get driver’s licence). In the UK and US adults (adult) person becomes 18 years old. But in some states of America will have to wait up to 21 years.

If you are a resident of England and you will be able to live up to your hundredth birthday, you can expect a little surprise — a card of congratulations from the Queen.

There are many more interesting things about the birthday in English you can find in the resource You can appreciate the traditions and customs of celebrating a birthday in English birthday greetings in English, recipes festive dishes, and so on. D.



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