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Basic English lessons

Starting in any case — it is the most important thing. English — like an ocean. In what place to dive, so as not to drown and learn to swim as far as possible with pleasure and without effort? Where to catch the stream to itself issued to the heights of knowledge of the language? Unfortunately, to even catch a current, you need to make an effort. So what better to go slowly into the vortex of knowledge, or just with your head?

The principles of the initial English lessons

Where to begin? My answer is simple — who is right. Someone needed to throw deep, he wants to — will come up, and someone should be gradually accustomed to the complexities. In my opinion, it is better not to scare better gradually. Where do we begin, meeting a new person? Of course with an introduction. What could be more useful and easier than to teach a person presented and to acquaint others with each other. In these simple dialogues in the early English lessons students will learn a lot about English grammar. For example, what can be gleaned from the following simple dialogue?
— Hello. I’m Tom. What’s your name?
— My name’s Maria. Hello Tom.
— Hello Maria.

The weight of the new! The student gets acquainted with the personal pronoun I — I so that it is always written with a capital letter, regardless of its location in a sentence; c two possessive adjectives your — your, your, your and my — my, my, my. He learned that the English language is not, as such, the category of gender. Present Simple Learning form of the verb to be — is — and the question word what. Many just for elementary dialogue.

It is also easy on the initial English lessons to remember the country, in which names and good pronunciation is fulfilled one of the rules of the use of articles, namely, that the names of most of the articles of proper names are not used.

Basic English classes will be introduced to the numerals and the fact that cardinal numbers are not used in the English language articles. In addition, the early lessons the students will learn the rules of the formation of the plural noun.

List of international words such as television, interview, tourist, detects the presence of some of the English vocabulary students, of which they were unaware.

Practice shows that the initial English language lessons should be built on the principle from simple to complex, which, in my opinion, is more efficient than intensive methods. Elementary exercises initial English lessons will not only consolidate the basics of grammar, but also visual convince students that English is not difficult multiplication tables, so frightens us in childhood.



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