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Sometimes even people with a level of English is above average, is surprised to find that he can not properly keep the conversation going. The fact is that he barely understands what is at stake, and that he wants to tell the interlocutor. What is the reason? In fact — the answer is quite simple.

We used to build the learning process in a way that listening (perception of English speech) is given very little time. And we get a natural result when a speaker begins to speak normally (fast enough, cutting words, reducing noises, distributing stress, linking words, etc.), it is very difficult to perceive his speech at the hearing. And this is the basis of speaking practice. First, we listen to the interlocutor, and then express their opinion on the matter. So, to make it easier to perceive the English language is necessary as often as possible to listen to the speakers. This will help us Audiocourses English.

Select audiokurs English

Audiocourses English are very popular materials for learning English. Basically, the English language audio course is aimed at training the perception Speeches native language, vocabulary, practice speaking. But there is a specialized audio courses of English, such as practicing the correct pronunciation.

Audiokurs English is very convenient: you are not attached to the educational benefits, and can also listen to your chosen course at any time and in almost any convenient place for you (on the way to work, in your spare time, just on the road, while in the queue, and so on .d.). All you need — a device that reads a file on a CD (the player in the car player, PDA, notebook, PC).

To orient you a bit in the English language audio course, I suggest you pay attention to some of them, which can be found and downloaded from the Internet or purchased at specialty stores:

  1. 100% English Living Language from the publisher Delta Publishing. This audio course presented at the 4 or 8 drives (depending on the model year of the course), sanctifies course living conversational English. You will be taught to learn, to get a job, to communicate by telephone, to feel confident at the airport, banks, restaurants, hospital — in a word, wherever you may need English!
  2. Intermediate English Course by professor AC Gimson — audiokurs English by Linguaphone Institute in London.
  3. American English by the method of Dr. Paul Pimslera (Pimsleur Language Program) by Simon & Schuster audio — one of the most popular audio courses of English, presented in three levels. The creators claim that you will be able to support real conversation in English after listening to the 30-minute lessons (thematic dialogues in English translation).
  4. Bridge to English — a language English language course on two discs (20 lessons). In addition to the spoken vocabulary and phraseology, in the English language audio course has provided jobs to spelling and practicing correct pronunciation.
  5. Live English with live conversations Media (UK) — English Audio Course is designed for intermediate level and above. A total of 19 so it with a parallel Russian translation AI Pakhotin. Your attention are seven hours of live communication in English.
  6. English Pronounciation Course. Perfect pronunciation, advanced level — as the name implies, this audio course in English from the publisher Delta Publishing is designed for the formation of the beautiful sound of your voice.

I also like a wonderful resource that is created for the practice of the perception of the English language. This is a site with podcasts, whose address you can find in the article «English as a second language.» You get a real pleasure listening themed audiouroki Dr. Jeff Makkvilana.

Learn English, try to find time to practice different types of speech activity. Listening, I would devote as much time as grammar. Then your skills are deep, high level of English. I wish you success!



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