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As I handed CAE. Confessions of a certificate holder

Understanding that the CAE exam, I have to pass, it came during his studies at the university. Even on older years, it became clear that one teaching at philological faculty is not enough to speak perfectly in English (a little practice, a lot of theory and a lot of associated with the English language items that have a very mediocre attitude to the living language). So I went to the courses, which serves all the Cambridge exams FCE, CAE, CPE.

Preparing for the exam took me 2 years — not troubled figure! Given that these were group courses with eight other lovers of English and two times per week for an hour, I think it does not have much time to spend, in addition, it has been conducted with the use of and, to hide, with pleasure! The first year was marked by the development of all four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. But then the fun began!

The immediate preparation for the exam to start next year. We are acquainted with the format of the tasks required for them, and we nods their heads and trying to perform the task in accordance with all regulations. At first, nothing happened, seemed particularly difficult task of section Use of English — which is used to the so-called «triplesĀ» (part 4, Use of English)! A job in which you need to guess a single word that is ideally suited to the three proposals. «It’s easy!» — Say you, then try to make three «C grade»!



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