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As a declaration of love heroes of English books

It’s no secret that the classic declaration of love in English is as follows: I love you. It is a short and clear, not too original, but truthful.

We have already published an article about how to confess his love. You will surely find here a lot of interesting options, «Confessions of Love in the English language.»

However, love is not worth looking for easy ways, so you can confess to feeling quite unusual, for example, using phrases heroes favorite novels.

Jane Austen «Pride and Prejudice»

Roman famous English writer Jane Austen’s «Pride and Prejudice» — one of those literary works that need to be read to all English language learners. English it is so graceful, that unconsciously feel closer to the culture and era, which is described in the novel. If you do not have time to read, watch the film: the book «Pride and Prejudice» was filmed several times. Therefore, those who need to hear the correct pronunciation, we recommend to watch any of the movies.

For the main characters of the novel — Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy — the story has a happy ending. After a series of omissions and the blows of fate they realize that for each other, and live a happy life. That sounded like one of the confessions of Mr. Darcy in English:

And here is how this recognition translated into Russian:

«I should not have tried to fight. It did not help. I could not suppress my feelings. Let me tell you that I adore and love you desperately. »

Margaret Mitchel «Gone with the Wind»

A screen adaptation of the novel is incredibly popular, as, indeed, and the novel itself. The image of Scarlett, a strong-willed woman who does not break the difficulties of life, has become immortal. If you are interested in the history of the United States, in particular the civil war, it is better to read the novel. But now, about love, so we offer you the option of recognizing the original «Gone With the Wind»:

«I’m not going to kiss you. Although you need it. You need to kiss often skillful lips. »

Charlotte Bronte «Jane Eyre»

The main character of this novel — Jane Eyre. She experienced a lot before I met my love. But after the meeting she had to go through a series of tests and obstacles in the way of your happiness. And what love felt Mr. Rochester managed to describe these beautiful words:

«Sometimes I have a strange feeling towards you. Especially when you’re just so close to me now. I think that from my heart reaches a strong thread to the same point in your little creature. But when you leave, I’m afraid that this thread will break my heart will bleed. »

William Shakespeare «Romeo and Juliet»

Read Shakespeare’s very difficult, because he wrote a long time ago, on the English, which is very different from the modern. But we can not agree with the fact that his tragedy of Romeo and Juliet — the story of the most pure and tender love. As a declaration of love Romeo?

«I loved once until then?
Oh no, it was a false goddess.
I did not know the true beauty of this day. »

Cecilia Ahern «PS I love you»

This novel (and film based on it) — a sad story about two people who love each other. Will the fate of a man dies, but does not leave after the death of his wife. The fact is that he had prepared for her 7 letters that she was to receive in the event of his death. Their goal — to help the bereaved. Each letter ends with simple words «PS I love you». But one of the lovers spoke of the second half:

«You want to know why I believe that our love will last forever? Because waking up every morning, the only thing I want to see — it’s your face. »

Romantic phrases in Valentine’s Day

We hope our modest selection of quotes about love from the book will inspire you to the original recognition of Valentine’s Day. You can use one of them, and you can compose your using idioms. In fact, a lot of them, but here are ten most popular:

  1. A match made ​​in heaven — the union, the prisoner in heaven.
  2. To fall head over heels in love with somebody — to fall in love head over heels.
  3. To be smitten with somebody — be smitten by someone from love; much love.
  4. To be the apple of someone’s eye — to be the most expensive, that a person has (literally apple of one’s eye — the apple of the eye).
  5. To be someone’s soul mate — be a soul mate.
  6. To take someone’s breath away — is breathtaking.
  7. To be someone’s one and only — be unique.
  8. To have a crush on somebody (slang) — carried away by someone.
  9. To fancy somebody — to love somebody.
  10. To love you with all of my heart and soul — love you with all my heart and soul.

Ten phrases are not enough to fully reveal their feelings? Then I suggest you a selection of 99 phrases for declarations of love.

Perhaps, in our culture it is not accepted to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, but it’s one more reason to tell your loved ones about your feelings and do something special for the most expensive people in the world.



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