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Articles with proper nouns

The use of articles with proper nouns (articles with the proper nouns) devoted three articles on the blog. Separately presented material relating to the use of articles with geographic names and personal names. This paper will be presented cases of the use or lack of the article with all sorts of other names that do not fall into the two categories mentioned above.

Some of proper names, which are used with the definite article in the English language are:

  1. The names of theaters, museums, galleries, theaters, hotels, restaurants, clubs, conference halls and monuments:
    • the Bolshoi Theatre (Bolshoi Theatre)
    • the Coliseum Theatre (theater «Coliseum»)
    • the Royal Opera House (Royal Opera House)
    • the Hermitage (Hermitage)
    • the Royal Academy of Arts (Royal Academy of Arts)
    • the National Gallery (National Gallery)
    • the British Museum (British Museum)
    • the Michelangelo Hotel (Hotel «Michelangelo»)
    • the King David Hotel (hotel «King David»)
    • the Queen Elizabeth Hall (Concert Hall Queen Elizabeth)
    • the Hilton Hotel (Hotel «Hilton»)
    • the Red Lion (pub «Red Lion»)
    • the Lincoln Memorial (Lincoln Memorial)
    • the National Film Theatre («National House of Cinema»)
    • the Nelson’s Column (Nelson’s Column)
  2. The names of the ships, the famous train, as well as musical groups, only if the noun is plural (otherwise the article is not required):
    • the Titanic (Titanic)
    • the Trans-Siberian Express (Trans-Siberian Express)
    • the Oriental Express (Orient Express)
    • the Bullet Train (bullet train)
    • the Beatles («The Beatles»)
    • the Rolling Stones («Rolling Stones»)


    • Gorky Park («Gorky Park»)
    • ABBA
    • Queen
  3. The names of British and American newspapers:
    • the Times
    • the Observer
    • the Sun
    • the Washington Post
    • the Morning Star
    • the Mirror
    • the Independent
    • etc. (exception — the newspaper «Today»).

    Before the names of foreign newspapers Part No:

    • Le Monde
    • Pravda

    Usually some magazines and periodicals article is not available, but the definite article with proper names, too, such a plan is possible, so you can meet and:

    • Newsweek
    • Wall Street Journal
    • New York Post
    • Geographical Magazine
    • Reader’s Digest
    • Sporting Life
    • the Economist
    • the Journal of Psychology
    • the Guardian
    • the New Dawn
    • the New Musical Express
    • the Sunday Telegraph
  4. Names of organizations, political parties:
    • the UN (the United Nations) — The UN, the United Nations
    • the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) — UK On Air
    • the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) — the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • the Red Cross — Red Cross
    • the Democratic Party — the Democratic Party
    • the Labour Party — The Labor Party
    • the Cooperative Party — Party Cooperative

    Lost articles some cuts that turned into independent words:

    • Greenpeace (Greenpeace)
    • NATO (North Atlantic Alliance)
    • UNICEF (Children’s Fund of the United Nations)
    • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

    If the organization is present in the title the word «company», the article is quite likely, but not always:

    • the Bell Telephone Company and General Electric
  5. The names of most of the political and public institutions:
    • the House of Commons (House of Commons)
    • the Senate (Senate)
    • the Supreme Court (Supreme Court)
    • the Foreign Ministry (MFA — Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    • the Navy (Navy)


    • Parliament (but The Houses of Parliament) (Parliament)
    • Congress (Congress)
    • Whitehall (the British Government)
    • Westminster (Westminster)
  6. Names of sporting events:
    • the Olympic Games (Olympic Games)
    • the World Championship (World Cup)
    • the British Grand Prix («British Grand Prix») (car racing)

    Pay attention! If the event is used to refer to a geographical name, the article with proper names in this version is not used:

    • Wimbledon (tennis)
    • Henley (rowing)
    • Luzhniki (soccer)
  7. Names of buildings, individual unique buildings:
    • the Great Wall of China (Great Wall)
    • the Kremlin (Kremlin)
    • the Tower (Tower)
    • the Winter Palace (the Winter Palace)
    • the Royal Pavilion (Royal Pavilion)

    The use of the article with proper names at this point is very problematic due to the large number of exceptions, especially in the presence of determining (a person’s name or the name of the village)

    • Westminster Abbey
    • Hyde Park
    • London Zoo

But in the cases listed below, the article with proper names are not used. These include:

  1. The names of schools, colleges and universities:
    • Carnegi College
    • Allhallows School
    • Birkbeck College
    • Cambridge University
    • Marlborough College
  2. Names of streets, squares, parks:
    • Menginsky Street
    • Gorkii Street
    • Regent Street
    • Broadway
    • Park Lane
    • Trafalgar Square
    • St. James’s Park
    • Red Square
    • Central Park
    • Piccadilly

    But even here there are exceptions:

    • the Wall Street
    • the High Street
    • the Strand

    But in writing the address in English article is not necessary. By the way, the names of roads and highways is quite possible the definite article:

    • the A2
    • the New Seattle Highway
  3. The names of bridges, stations, the airports:
    • Westminster Bridge
    • Victoria Station
    • London Airport
    • Heathrow
    • London Port
    • Tower Bridge
    • Waterloo Bridge
    • Kennedy Airport
  4. The names of churches, cathedrals, parishes:
    • St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • St. Basil’s Cathedral
    • Trinity Church
    • Westminster Abbey
    • Canterbury Cathedral
    • Edinburgh Castle
    • Buckingham Palace
  5. Names of months and days of the week:
    • January
    • March
    • July
    • December
    • Friday
    • Monday
    • Wednesday, etc.

    It should be noted that the presence of the indefinite article before the name of the day of the week involves uncertainty as to the time slices referred to. For example:

    • We met on Tuesday. — We met at the (last) Tuesday.
    • We met on a Tuesday. — We met in one of Tuesday, but not in the medium and not on Monday.
  6. The language:
    • English
    • French
    • German etc.

    However, do not forget about the use of the definite article with proper names in this group in the presence of the word «language»:

    • the English language
    • the French language, etc.

Here are the main provisions according to which are used or used articles with proper nouns. If you are interested in personal names or geographical names, refer to the articles of the same name. I wish you success!

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