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Articles with nouns fruit and fish

The above words have several meanings and shades of meaning in the English language, and therefore present a difference affects the use of articles with nouns fruit and fish. In order not to wonder when and which article of the English language to use, or do not realize what value these words meaning, if there is such article, we will consider the basic values ​​of each of the words and determine how determinative is necessary to put in a particular case and may not need to put it altogether. By the way, the articles as determinatives occupy the initial position in the noun phrase and the noun in the English language, identifying his or correlating with the context.

Articles noun fruit

The noun fruit several meanings in our language studied:

  1. The basic meaning of a noun fruit is an analogue of the Russian word «fruit» (as a kind of food). Here we are dealing with uncountable nouns, which would be consistent with the verb in the singular, which has no plural form. Conclusion: the indefinite article should not be here.

    People eat more fruit now than they used to. — Now people are eating more fruit than before.

    Fruit is useful. — Fruit helpful.

    Forbidden fruit is sweet. — The Forbidden fruit is sweet.

  2. In addition to its core values, the word fruit is used to indicate different kinds of fruit. In this case, it is absolutely free in the plural, and thus carrying no indefinite article:

    Citric acid is found in many foods and in citrus fruits in particular. — Citric acid is a component of many food products, especially citrus fruits.

    What are the local fruits? Mostly apples and cherries. — What kind of fruits are common in this area? Basically, apples and grapes.

  3. If we turn to botany, we can see that the word of a fruit — fruits is also a symbol «of the fruit — fruit» of a plant. Now we are talking about the botanical term. The indefinite article requires only a noun in the singular.

    This bush gives very delicious fruits. — This shrub bears fruit tasty fruit.

  4. And do not forget about the figurative sense of the word fruit (s), which includes fruits, the results of any action. Based on the values, the word fruit in this situation is often used in combination with the preposition of and with the definite article: the fruits of learning (the fruit of the teachings), the fruits of labour (fruits of labor), the fruits of efforts (the fruits of effort), and so on. d.

Articles noun fish

Noun fish, as well as the previous word has four basic values. Here they are interested in us, because we wonder what articles noun fish used in each case.

  1. As calculated in the word fish has shaped both the singular and plural forms: a fish — three fish — many fish. But note that these forms are the same in writing. In the names of the different species of fish is also observed coincidence forms singular and plural forms. If a noun used in the singular indefinite article must be present.
    • a cod — six cod (cod)
    • a pike — many pike (pike)

    Fish travel long distances in the sea. — Fish in the Sea travel long distances.

    How many fish did you catch yesterday? — How many fish you caught yesterday?

  2. If we are faced with a form of fishes, just remember that in this case it is used to mean «different species» and agrees with the verb in the plural, without the indefinite article yourself.

    The boy was given a bright album on exotic fishes. — The boy gave (gave) a bright album dedicated to exotic fish.

  3. If we study the word refers to a food product, articles noun fish are not used, because it neischislyaemo in this case:

    Fish is necessary for our health. — Fish is good for you.

    Fish contains little fat. — The fish are almost no fat.

  4. Noun fish may have a collective meaning. Then it is necessary to coordinate with the verb in the plural, forgetting the indefinite article, which will not be here:

    How do fish breathe? — How do fish breathe?

    Fish are plentiful in those waters. — In the water a lot of fish.

We have talked about the use of articles with nouns fish, but I can not fail to mention the phraseological units in which there is a word. If you remember them, consider that the theme is fixed:

It’s a pretty kettle of fish. — It’s bad luck, fix.

Timothy is an odd fish. — Timothy — a strange man.

He feels like a fish out of water. — He does not feel at ease.

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