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Articles in English

Most students unloved phenomenon in English — it’s articles. Dislike they deserved very controversial rules of use, but, nevertheless, there are articles, and without them the English language will lose its individuality.

General information about the articles in the English language

In most cases, a noun is accompanied by the words determinants. In the role of such words may make the articles in English. Such a phenomenon as the article in the Russian language is not available, but in the English language articles are the most frequently used qualifiers.

Articles in the English language are not independent part of speech, and thus have no grammatical categories. The proposal they put before the noun, or addicted to word a noun.

This is a house. — This is the house.

This is a big house. — It’s a big house.

In English, there are two Part: unspecified (Indefinite Article) and specific (Definite Article).

The use of articles depends on the following points: whether the noun or private household and the latter, in turn, countable or uncountable.

The indefinite article a (an) on the value equal to the number one, and respectively used as a rule, before countable noun in singular.

I have a car. — I have a car.

Form a indefinite article is used before words beginning with a consonant: a house (house), a cup (cup), a disk (disc).

The form an is used before words beginning with a vowel sound: an umbrella (umbrella), an apple (apple), an egg (egg).

The definite article is used with countable and uncountable nouns in singular and plural.

The apples are red. — Apples are red.

The cup is broken. — The cup is broken.

The water is cold. — The water is cold.

As a rule, the articles in the English language are not used with proper names

Mary entered the room. — Mary entered the room.

Although there are exceptions to this rule.

Who is there? A Mr.Green. — Who’s there? Some Mr. Green.

Who is there? The Mr.Green. — Who’s there? The same Mr. Green.

Articles in the English language — is not just a short little useless words. They carry the emotional and meaning, so ignore them would be an unforgivable mistake.



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