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Another 40 sites for learning English

More than half a year ago I presented to our blog a list of 30 Internet resources, which are very useful in the process of learning English. To view this list, you can in the article, which is called — «30 sites for learning English.» Over the past few months, my collection of high-quality informative resources has increased significantly, so I decided to continue to acquaint our readers with the interesting site that will make learning English fun in the process.

So, if we have readers who are willing to add to his piggy bank of educational resources a few (and maybe a dozen)? I offer you a selection of the most remarkable sites:

We watch and listen to the (train listening comprehension, expanding vocabulary)

  • CNN Student News — clip the latest news appears every working day. After listening to the 10-minute message, you can read the written text (transcript).
  • Voice of America — News on the level of knowledge on American English.
  • News in Levels — news from the transcript for the three levels of knowledge of the English language.
  • — more than 220 modern and popular serials with subtitles. Combine business with pleasure!
  • Top Documentary Films — a godsend for students with upper-intermediate and above. You can watch over 2000 documentary on one of the 25 themes, including Society, Science, Religion, Politics, Mystery, History, Crime, Nature, and so on. D.
  • Free Documentaries Online — resource, similar to the previous one.
  • Lyricstraining — teach English through song lyrics. For convenience, all of the songs are divided into difficulty on easy, medium, hard.
  • Poptech! — Speech in English.
  • — video of various subjects.
  • — more than 100,000 photos and videos about the flora and fauna of our world.
  • — listen and learn!
  • The Bob and Rob show — over 150 audio podcasts on various topics.

Improve your spoken English

  • EFL Conversations — more than 1,500 conversations on various topics (dialogues are accompanied by audio recordings).

Check the pronunciation of words and phrases

  • Howjsay — you enter any word in the proposed field and listen to its pronunciation.
  • Phonemic Chart — very famous phonetic table of the British Council. The pronunciation of each sound sounded.

We use high-quality and original dictionaries

  • Macmillan Dictionary — abundance values, the presence of phrases, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions makes this an indispensable dictionary.
  • Visual Dictionary Online — illustrative Dictionary (more than 6,000 images in 15 major themes).
  • Snappy Words — interactive online dictionary, which helps to not only find the word, but also allows you to draw the connection between the combination of the word (to draw a mind map).
  • Lingro — very interesting dictionary. Enter in the link to the desired site, and then just highlight that appears on the site any word and get its value.
  • Urban Dictionary — Online dictionary of words and phrases English-language slang.

Practising studied grammar

  • Exercises at Grammar Bytes! — Interactive grammar exercises.
  • Verb Tense Tutorial — check the knowledge of the English language.
  • Perfect English Grammar — English teacher blog Seonaid.
  • — dedicated resource tests.

To sharpen spelling skills (spelling)

  • Spellzone — spelling online course with tests and exercises.
  • Howtospell — spelling quizzes and games.
  • Skillwise — small video spelling tests plus to this material.


  • Fiction. The Eserver Collection — short stories by famous writers appeal to you heart.
  • — stories in sections: adventure, business & economy, crime, culture & society, disasters, education, environment, health, politics, religion, science & technology.

Learning resources are of a general nature

  • Learn English Today.
  • English Central — video tutorials at various levels.
  • English Zone.
  • Study Zone. University of Victoria.
  • Better at English.
  • English teacher Melanie.
  • Idiom Connection — many idioms.
  • Idiom Weekly — the name speaks for itself.
  • Learn English. A lesson a day — more than 1557 lessons plus a new lesson every day.
  • English guide.

We all know that the main area of ​​video on the Internet — is How to use it to learn English? Very simple, but very interesting. Create yourself an account on youtube, you subscribe to the desired information resources, whether it’s news channels or cartoons in English, and each week get to your mailbox Digest, which presents all updates and written materials of all your subscriptions. Try it! This is very useful and informative.

This article is not the last in this series. Time goes by, and my collection of sources will no doubt be updated with new resources. Follow us on the blog!



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