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American English

Englishman from an American can be distinguished not only by the impeccable suit, imperturbable mind and a fresh issue of «The Times», and American Englishman — by a lasso in his belt and high cowboy boots. Modern inhabitants of these countries, first of all, are easily distinguished by the language they speak.

The history of American English

English language on the territory of the North American continent came with the first settlers. The first English colony in the new lands was founded in 1607. Since then, the two parts of the same language, separated by oceans, are beginning to develop in different ways. The American English replenished large number of neologisms (new words) and keeps in use the words in English are considered archaisms (words obsolete). A large number of words transferred from the languages ​​of Indian tribes, which neighbors the settlers. Later, the acquisition of independence, political and economic formation, as well as scientific and technical progress are reflected in the appearance of their own political and economic terms.

American English is much simplified. As well as around the world, this process was driven by necessity. As a result, we have simplified the spelling, grammar and pronunciation peculiar and distinct from British English lexical composition of the language.

American English Spelling

Most of the words that are in British English end -our, in American English ends in -or.

  • Behaviour — behavior
  • favour — favor
  • colour — color

The words come from the French language and ending with -tre in British English, American English in the end in -ter.

  • Centre — center
  • litre — liter
  • theatre — theater

The same happens in the following cases:

British English (BE) — American English (AE)

(BE) oe-e (AE)

(BE) ae-a (AE)

(BE) l-ll (AE)

There is also a group of words, where the difference in the spelling of one letter:

(BE) — (AE)

mum-mom, potter-putter, crayfish-crawfish, grey-gray, carat-karat, judgement- judgment


Significant differences between these two languages ​​and pronunciation. In American English pronounce the sound r richer, more is lost in most words. Tt combination of letters in the middle of a word Americans often pronounced d. Often there is a replacement of the sound a: the sound ə: and shifting accents in words.


Deciding to learn English once a person is horrified by the variety of British times. We, Russian people, bypassing all the three, times the number of English seems a bad dream. From this perspective, the American English is more attractive. Perfect time, the group is almost completely supplanted group times Simple. Many verbs have moved from the «wrong» in the «right» more often used verbal nouns. So much contemporary American English is impossible to imagine without gonna (abbr. From going to) which almost completely replaces the verb will.

American English Vocabulary

Lexical structure of American English differs significantly from the British. One reason for this difference can be called a distinction realities. The important role played by borrowing from other languages.

British American

biscuit cookie

chips French fries

lorry truck

postbox mailbox

railway railroad



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