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Advertising in English

Hardly anyone would argue now with the expression that «Advertising — the motor trade!» This advertising contributes to the fact that we learn about new products or services. One can not exist without advertising. No organization providing specific services or company engaged in the production of certain goods will not be popular if you do not know about them as much as possible people. Namely this purpose is served by advertising. According to the encyclopaedic interpretation, advertising — this is information that is distributed in any way, in any form or by any means, addressed to an indefinite number of persons and aimed at drawing attention to the object of advertising. Thus it has done and promotion of a particular product on the market.

As we learn the English language, so to speak, and will be advertising in English. How advertising can help in the English language in the study of a foreign language? First of all, look at the translation of the word «advertisement» in English. At the hearing the two words denoting advertisement in English. The first advertisement (ad) — this advertisement, advertising, announcement. I would call this concept the general determining any kind of advertising. Often these words stand for advertising in printed materials. A second commercial is intended to be private and to define the concept of advertising, voiced on radio or shown on television.

Enjoying advertisement in English

View ads in English is very useful. It is not a question of the future marketers and brand managers, as the viewing of advertising in the English language is their direct responsibility. As for the rest … First of all, looking at advertising in English, you are using this kind of train listening comprehension skills and the English language, trying to understand what all the same advertising. Secondly, you are always aware of new products (goods and services) that offer the residents of the country, whose ads you see. Finally, advertising in English, maybe help you evaluate the «thin» the humor of its creators.

Speaking of humor. Funny gay or advertising in the English language is one of the most popular in many countries. It was with her, I would advise to begin acquaintance with advertising in English. The tide of good mood you provided. Sometimes only guess what prompted the authors to create such a «masterpiece». There is even a program, sanctifying the funniest commercials in English for a year. For example, on the site you can download two issues of the transfer (with advertising for the years 2008 and 2009), and to fully enjoy the ingenuity of the creators presented commercials.

If you do not try to get the transfer, visit one of the following sites devoted to commercials in English, or rather its most ridiculous options. You will be able to combine business (in a good mood on the show) with a useful (learning English).

  • — this resource has several categories that represent the most diverse, but «fun» advertising in English
  • and — basically the same as a rich selection of funny commercials
  • — funny images (posters) that promote a particular product

Of course, this is not the whole list of resources with advertising in English. It’s only the most popular sites visited that you realize that you can advertise anything you want and how you want. Diversify learning English view of advertising and appreciate the creativity of its creators!



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