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A few years ago epistolary genre was very popular among the population. With the development of the Internet, we virtually stopped writing classical messages and send them the old fashioned way, using the postal service. If we need to say something to man, we use e-mail (e-mail), through which our letters reach in seconds. And the standard address such letters should not be written, it is necessary to specify only the mailbox on the World Wide Web sample [email protected] (and postal services a lot).

For over ten years I have been corresponding with a girl from the United States. Even in the early days of our acquaintance, and then a few years we exchanged letters, which with the help of air services delivered within a month only one way. And to this time period has not yet been extended to the letter was not lost on the way and finally found its destination, it was necessary to be very careful in writing the address in the English language (address). And in this area there are nuances that you should know.

The letters in the English language did not disappear as a reality, although it may seem so. There was also a business correspondence, correspondence of people who do not use the Internet. Moreover, you will never know what awaits you in the future and how you will have to contact the necessary person. Therefore, knowledge of how to properly write the address in English, will not be superfluous.

Writing an address in English

As we learn the English language, we are interested in registration of the address in English in Britain, the United States and in our own country. Everyone remembers that when sending a letter (letter), the envelope (envelope) placed two addresses: the sender address in the upper left corner of the address of the recipient in the lower right corner. Moreover, any address will be the following basis and backbone:

  • Destination (Addressee)
  • Name of organization (if applicable) (company’s name)
  • Street, house, apartment (street, building, apartment / flat)
  • City (city / town)
  • Country (country, as well as the district, province, state district / province / state)
  • Zip code (postal / zip code)

Let’s look at a sample address in English:

Ms. J. Simpson
Chapman & Hall Ltd.
12 Chapel Hill

The first address in the English language we tied to England. Pay attention to the spelling of the city, it is represented by uppercase letters. This requirement Royal Mail. The same goes for the zip code. If your level of English is high enough, I would advise you to visit the official website of the service and read about the requirements for registration of addresses in English.

If you wish, you can visit the official resource and the US Postal Service — Once on this page, you’ll notice that the United States requested to register their address in English only in capital letters, well and clearly, of course. The entire address must be written entirely in English, it may be an indication of a city in a foreign language.

CA 92926

The structure of the address in English, owned by our country, no different from the already above-mentioned scheme. The only difference is that we do not have to translate into English the street name and the city, but only to transliterate them. That is, if we are living in the street of the Victory, it should be just Pobeda, instead of Victory. Moreover, there is some confusion with the indication of such words as «street, house, apartment.» You can choose one of the favorite options for you: either the name of the street street (str), but then the house building, apartment appartment (apt); or the street name uliza (ul.), then leave the house dom, and the apartment kv. (Kvartira).

Kodak VA
8 Menginsky St, apt. 99
Sevastopol 99703

Some tips for writing the address in the English language are presented on the site Hosted on this resource will help you navigate the video in this simple «science.»



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