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Adapted books in English

Well-known fact — reading contributes to the formation of competent human speech. Learn the rules and general theoretical material is necessary, but it makes the reading of our speech lexically complete and correct. While reading, you subconsciously sound out text, memorizing new words and use momentum. The same is true with reading foreign literature. Be sure to include your curriculum books in English. You will significantly expand your vocabulary and will practice grammar, even if this process of study and will be passive. Question: Which is better to read and at what stage?

We are not going to dwell on periodicals (newspapers and magazines), and talk exactly about literature. Although, of course, reading the press is also very helpful. In this regard, a very interesting two editions English Learner’s Digest (Digest for English language learners) and English 4u (magazine for English language learners). These logs can be obtained by subscription. The second edition is serious enough and suitable only for people who speak English with confidence.

We have a choice between the original and adapted fiction books in English. Let’s say right away — and that is useful, and more. Just read the original works of British writers is not so easy, therefore, the language base should be solid. Adapted books in English are of two types: to reduce and simplify the original English texts and stories specially written for a particular language level. In the adapted books in English easier grammar, vocabulary and in most cases it involves a certain amount of obscheupotreblyaemyh words. Some might argue that such a reading of the literature has learned nothing and even harm, because people do not learn anything new and only encounter with light grammatical structures. However, this view is controversial. If your English is good enough, then you better read literature in the original. At the same time, try to read the works of English writers (such as Somerset Maugham, Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle and others), not translated into English the works of Russian, Ukrainian and other authors (eg, books, Dostoevsky or Tolstoy in English). It would no longer be the language that you want. But if you are just learning the language, it makes sense to start with adapted books in English.

Currently, literary adaptation, both foreign and domestic publishers is available in almost every store textbooks. A large series of adapted books in English on the Russian publishing house «Iris Press.» In their line of «The English club. Home Reading «all adapted books in English are divided into three levels: elementary (for beginners), intermediate (for advanced) and advanced (to perfection). In each book, in addition to the main text there is a dictionary and a cycle of exercises to practice vocabulary and grammatical structures. Adapted books in English publishing house «Iris Press» can be bought on the Internet. More information about them you can on this site:

  • — publishing house «Iris Press.»
  • — European Training School, additional materials.

Adapted books in English can also be downloaded from the Internet or purchased at the online store:

  • — bookstore chain.
  • — a list of bookstores.

Very popular are the following series of adapted books in English:

  1. Cambridge English Readers — presented in these books specially written stories for different language levels, which are six (from elementary to advanced). Adapted books in this series as there are different genres, such as the work of George Kershaw «Nothing but the truth» in the history of the genre of adventure (adventure), or the product of Colin Campbell «The Ironing Man» in the genre of comedy (comedy).
    • — books in the series.
  2. Penguin Readers — in these books is an abridged text of the original works. Books are five levels: from easystarts to intermediate.
    • — Publisher’s website.
  3. Macmillan — these books contain the adapted works of classical and modern literature. You can appreciate a book of four levels (begginer — upper-intermediate).
    • — books published on the official website.
    • — a collection of adapted books in English Series Macmillan.



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