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A letter to a friend in English

Correspondence — this is one of the most important ways people communicate around the world. With its help, we meet new people, exchange relevant information, co-operate with foreign partners, we invite you to visit, to express their feelings and emotions, and so on. D. The role of letters in our lives is truly great. And despite the fact that the epistolary genre gradually goes into oblivion, we will still continue to write letters. This is not a scribbled note paper, sealed in an envelope, which will carry out on the road for many days to reach the addressee. Today, letters are represented by their electronic version (e-mail), which we send out on the Internet in any city in the world.

I believe that writing letters in English should make a separate section in the learning process and to give it enough time. After all, this «science» has its own rules and nuances of etiquette to be followed to your letters looked decent. The letters are different: the letters of gratitude and request information, writing greetings and invitations to visit, letters of sympathy and apology, business letters, which generally require specific knowledge and skills. In this article we will talk about the informal version of the letter, so-called «letter to a friend in the English language.»

How to write a letter to a friend in English

So I is not talked about how to write a letter to a friend in English, it will not have the desired effect if you do not see clearly at least one sample of such a letter. Therefore, if you learn how to write this or that letter, first of all, keep before the eyes of the examples of these letters. Visual memory performs its work and then you do not just tell her «thank you» when you need a template for writing a letter. Change it, something by removing or adding to, you can create your unique message to friend in English, which will meet all the necessary rules and regulations. Quite a lot of samples of letters to a friend in the English language is presented in website All of the examples provided with translations of letters, so you will not be difficult to understand the essence of the letter.

Compiling any letter, and a letter to a friend in the English language including the following sections explore the grammar of the language as spelling and punctuation. Still, writing a competent if not a business letter and correct punctuation has not been canceled.

In English, there are certain appeals to the person to whom you are writing, and thus the phrase, finishing the letter. Select and order and another depends on the degree of familiarity, and your relationships with others that you address a letter in English. This may include the following options:

  • (My) dear + name
  • Dearest, (my) darling + name
  • Just name

All the words used will make a difference «(my / my) dear (th).»

As the phrase «farewell» finishing your letter to a friend in English, should be used any phrase from the following list:

  • Sincerely (yours) — truly yours. Alternatively, in the reverse order: (Yours) sincerely
  • Cordially yours / yours cordially — your heart
  • Faithfully yours / yours faithfully / yours truly — always faithful to you
  • Yours ever / Ever yours / As ever / yours as always — always yours
  • Yours affectionately / lovingly yours — loving you
  • Your very sincere friend — your true friend
  • Lots of love (kisses) — whole

In addition, you will need the following knowledge: common English names; names of countries, cities and capitals; commonly used acronyms in the epistolary genre. All of this information is optional (reference), but it is the key to your successful correspondence.

In my opinion, a very valuable publication relating to writing letters in English, is the book Stupin LP «Letters in English for all occasions», released in St. Petersburg in 1997. This edition is a kind of reference book for someone who often writes letters. You can buy this book or download the World Wide Web. It is on the site and resource In this edition you will find valuable general recommendations on writing letters to a friend in the English language (and all other letters as well), sample letters on any subject and all the background information that I have said.

If you write a letter to a friend in English often enough, eventually you will remember all the recommendations that accompany this action. Your vocabulary will expand, too, and eventually write any letter in the English language will be for you trifling matter.

As a sample cite a letter to a friend in English, composed specifically for this article:

Dear Helen,

How are the things going on? Did something new happen in your life? Having received your letter, I wanted to answer it immediately. But I was working a lot during the last two weeks. So I was pressed for time and did not manage to carry out my intentions.

In my country spring has already set. It is quite warm and really sunny all days long. Being at work I always imagine myself strolling down some parks. I wish you could join me! It would be funny! Some days ago my friend advised me to read a very interesting book. I did it and I would like you to know this author. Are you ready to read good litterature?

Tell me more about your work and free time. Are you satisfied with all this? What are your plans for this summer? Maybe we will be able to meet one day?

Truly yours,


Translation of the letter reads as follows:

Dear Helen,

How are you? Is there anything new? I wanted to reply immediately to your letter, but in the last two weeks I have had a lot of work. Not enough time to implement their plans.

We have already come spring. On the street warm and sunny all day. During operation, I always imagine myself walking on the various parks. I would like you to keep me company. It would be fun! A few days ago a friend advised me to read an interesting book. I read it and would like to introduce you to this author. Are you ready to read good literature?

Tell me more about work and leisure. You are satisfied? Have any plans for the summer? Maybe we’ll meet again sometime?

Always yours,




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