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A book for reading in English

Reading books — is one of the conditions of ownership literate literary language. Correct, rich, beautiful voice mesmerizing. Its carrier can listen for hours, while a tongue-tied interlocutor can communicate only with strong nerves and a healthy sense of humor. While reading speech training takes place, as, reading the text, you sound out of his mind. Therefore, reading is the basis of formation of speech, and this process deserves special attention.

How to choose a book to read in English

Choosing books to read in English — the process is not as simple as it seems at first glance. First, the book should be chosen according to your taste, or the reading will turn into torture, or you will lose all interest in this kind of activity. Another criterion when selecting books for reading in English will be your level of proficiency. How would you not like to read Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doyle in the original, the execution of this desire to leave to a later date, to start osilte favorite authors in the adapted version. By the way, detailed information about the adapted books in English, you can in the eponymous article. It is desirable to select those works that you have not read in Russian.

The process of reading the book in English is significantly different from the usual us. A necessary part of the search of unfamiliar words in the dictionary can temper the enthusiasm of even the most motivated students. To this we must be ready to restrict or a dictionary, thus developing language guess, or change to a lighter book.

Another frequent question is: «Is it better to read: contemporary or classical authors?» Let’s just say it’s a matter of taste. Classic — a classic, it will always remain out of competition: classic literary language, philosophical themes. The book to read in English by contemporary authors present a modern language, a spoken version of which can be found in the works of the dialogues.

A book for reading in English — a storehouse of aesthetic pleasure. It not only allows you to make the process of learning English more fun but also provides food for thought, introduces us to the cultural heritage of the country the language is spoken.



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