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5 reasons to learn a foreign language

Are you thinking about how to start to learn English or any other. But why do you need it? Well, if you have a ready answer to this question. But for many it is difficult to answer. Subsequently, this uncertainty could lead to a loss of motivation, and you can even throw the study. To strengthen the willingness to learn, read about the main reasons that just need to learn languages!

1. Improve the knowledge of the native language

At first this statement seems pointless. But if you know only one, their native language, then you have nothing to compare it. In different languages ​​the same thought expressed by different means. Therefore, knowledge of another language gives the opportunity to understand their language is much better to deal with the parts of speech and the expression of the times, that is, with what you have never thought of. You will begin to better and more accurately express thoughts and write in their mother tongue. Remember, almost all great writers have owned at least one foreign language.

2. Languages ​​beautiful

The ability to speak the language makes us human. Language — a tool that we use to express their ideas and share information. Can you imagine thought without language? Therefore, learning the language — it means learning to think in new ways to raise their intellectual abilities.

3. Join the global community

Everyone understands that the world does not speak in Russian. New thoughts and ideas arise everywhere, and translate them away immediately. With the advanced means of communication, the world is getting smaller, and contacts with people speaking a different language, are becoming more frequent. Knowing a foreign language, you could tie a personal and business acquaintances with people from different countries.

4. know the language fashionable

No, it does not mean that you need to learn a couple of lines and repeat them at every opportunity. It is necessary to speak the language and to use it when it fits the situation. Knowledge of the language implies a higher education and good taste. When hiring the presence of the item especially appreciated in the abstract.

5. Enrich Travel

This item is for those who allow themselves to go abroad to get away from home routine. Travelling give a lot of impressions. But if you do not know the language of the country you are traveling, you only need to wander through the sights and take off their smiles on the background of the monuments. If you know the language of the country (or at least English), you will be able to expand their knowledge about the country and impressions of the trip — you can meet people who are happy will talk with those who show visible interest in their culture and language.

Why do you teach a foreign language?



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