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5 excuses not to learn the language

All people on earth enough capacity to learn at least one foreign language. You do not need to be gifted. Learning another language is absolutely natural for a human being. In this age of information we no longer live in any linguistic or cultural isolation. Opportunity to get acquainted with foreign languages ​​became real as never before. Of particular importance today is the English language, because it is international, and everyone should know it.

So why is the number of foreign language learners hardly increased in recent years? Some people remain faithful to the seven errors, which have been described in the previous article, and can not cross over them. And the other part uses the following five excuses not to learn the language. But how do they justify?

1. I am not interested in languages ​​and do not need

True? And if you could study for free and without effort? Most likely, the answer is — «Yes.» Most of the people saying that they do not need a foreign language, in fact, want to be able to communicate it. Many of them have heard about the benefits of language learning for the development of mental abilities. But they paint a picture of the dull and dreary work. They never spoke a foreign language, so do not know what a pleasure it can bring. For these people, the most important task was to start, and then they would be happy to continue learning the language.

2. I would like to study, but still can not start

The purpose of learning a language — fluent speech. This is a very distant goal, it seems that to achieve it will require a huge amount of time and effort. But do not despair. The main thing — to start, and gradually you will come to its end.

To start learning the language, give yourself another goal. For example, you can plan a trip to another country. If this is you can not afford, promise yourself that read your favorite book in English, or surprise someone from relatives or friends they know. If you make the first step, which will be motivated for another purpose, you will soon realize how interesting and enjoyable to learn the language.

3. I have tried to learn the language, but nothing happened

Most often the first experience of learning a foreign language happens in school. You are required to memorize difficult words to teach the stupid rules and do strange exercises. And parents require you to excellence! As a result, the subject develops a negative attitude, which is in the older age it is very difficult to change.

But now, because you are not accountable to anyone? You go to learn the language for themselves, for their own pleasure. On the course, no one will blame you for what you did not do a lesson. However, it is unlikely that you experience this issue, because you will be interested to learn, and you are going to want to do their homework.

If you are still experiencing a dislike for classrooms, start to engage with the tutor. He will make an individual program for you taking into account your wishes.

The Internet has opened for us another opportunity to learn the language. The network has a huge number of websites devoted to the study of grammar, phonetics, and other aspects of the language. You can simply start listening to the radio and to transfer your favorite songs and books, and it will be huge progress on the road to fluency.

4. I do not have enough self-discipline to learn on their own

Then necessarily engaged with the teacher. Now even I have the opportunity to engage in remotely with a tutor through Skype and other communication tools. Our site offers learn English by Skype with an experienced teacher. Remember, you do not need to deal with every day. Meet with a tutor once or twice a week. This will be enough not to forget the past and to support progress.

5. I can not afford to language learning material

Let’s think about what expenses you expect when studying English. If you go on the course, you will have to pay monthly fees, and is likely to acquire the necessary teaching aids. In principle, it is not so expensive, but some can not afford it. Coaching can cost you as less (if the tutor would not inflate the price of their services and provide you with their own educational material) and more expensive courses (and if you have to buy textbooks and pay a tutor a lot of money).

But if you start to learn the language on their own, then the only thing you have to spend, so it is for Internet access. If you’re reading this, it means that you already pay for it and can afford it. The problem of self-study can consist only in the absence of self-discipline and motivation. To overcome these difficulties, read about self-development resources, such as, and you can not only enjoy the pleasure of learning the language, but also to change your life for the better.



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