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20 Travel Tips for a safe and comfortable stay

Be able to see the world, not only from the window of his house or from the TV screen, but also with his own eyes, to know the beauty of our planet dream of many. Since most countries, where people go to travel, are English-speaking, of course, knowledge of the English language — is an integral part of any trip, without which you will feel at ease (feel like a fish out of water). In this article we will talk about those things that you need to remember when traveling to make it as comfortable and safe

The world itself can not be considered dangerous (dangerous or unsafe), quite the contrary. Of course, there are dangerous places that are not worth visiting, but they are a minority. In a foreign country where a person is first and nobody knows more than he is obliged to do everything in order to protect themselves from all sorts of problems (to ensure travel safety). Following are some tips you protect yourself from any trouble, and your trip will be safe and will pass without incident (incident-free trip).

How to stay safe

Let’s start with the video, which says what to do to ensure that your trip was as safe as possible.

Phrase Translation
To walk with the sense of direction Start with an understanding of the direction
To imagine that you go from point A to point B Imagine that you are going from point A to point B
To imagine that your friend is already waiting for you and you are late Imagine that your friend is waiting for you, and you are late
Easy victim Easy victim
To wave to imaginary friends Waving an imaginary friend
To ask for directions Ask for directions
Before you go to a new place do your research Before you visit a new place, conduct research
If you go to a place where they do not speak your language, learn how to say «No, thanks!» To perfection If you go to a place that does not speak your language, learn very well the phrase, «No, thank you»
To learn how to say a certain phrase in the local language and master it Learn how to say (phrase) in the local language, and possess it
To become a less desirable target Become a less attractive victim
To get robbed Being robbed
Asking local people is better than reading a guidebook Ask the local population — more useful than reading guide

20 Travel Tips

  1. Sometimes, travelers can become targets of crime and violence. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to your surroundings (to be aware of your surroundings).
  2. You also need to be cautious and always leave a copy of your passport, as well as the route by which you will make the journey, people you trust (to leave copies of documents and itinerary information).
  3. In addition, make sure that health insurance was in order (to obtain medical insurance valid). It covers the costs of your health if you get sick or something to damage during the trip (if you get ill or injured). Hospital expenses can turn you into hundreds and thousands of dollars, even by the slightest ailment, so insurance is worth the money.
  4. Before you go on a trip, see your doctor to make all the necessary vaccinations to visit a place where you’re going (to get all the relevant vaccinations) and find out what precautions about your health to be observed (health precautions).
  5. Registration in the national embassy (registering in your national embassy), located in the country where you come (when arriving in a foreign country), will never be superfluous.
  6. Always read the fine print and check the certificates of trainers (check the fine print and certificates of instructors). If you pass any rate, such as diving, or otherwise, associated with the risk (jumping from a bridge, for example), carefully check that the instructor has the necessary qualifications, while ride a good safety record (check the operator has legitimate qualifications and a good safety record). Lack of security has always lows makes the cost cheaper entertainment.
  7. Many countries do not recognize a valid driving license (recognize drivers’ licenses), resulting not in this country, but in these countries, instead of the rights issue a temporary permit for driving (international driving permits).
  8. Car insurance policies (automobile insurance policies), issued in the country are often invalid in foreign countries, so you will need to obtain a temporary car insurance (to obtain temporary auto insurance), which will act within the visited country.
  9. It is also recommended to navigate the traffic regulations of your chosen country (driving-rules of destination countries).
  10. With regard to the costs and keep money for travel, there is also need to follow some rules. If you normally keep all of your credit cards in your wallet (keep your bank cards in a wallet), then the journey do not worth it, you need to keep at least one card in a different place. If you lose on the road (on the road) all your cards, it is very difficult to remember all the places you’ve visited, and where they could lose them, so watch out for that.
  11. To avoid pickpocketing (to avoid being pickpocketed), keep your wallet in your front pocket (keep your wallet in your front pocket) and better that he was on the clasp. But it’s best to use the inside pocket of a jacket (inside pocket of your jacket), or use a secret pocket (use secret pocket).
  12. Make scans your key documents (scan all your major documents) and send them to yourself as a mailbox. Typically, travelers make copies of their documents: visas, passports, insurance, and store them in a designated place in the suitcase (keep smth in a separate part of your luggage), but it is now becoming obsolete, because if your documents have been scanned, you will not You can lose them.
  13. Do not expect a bus or train on the platform alone (avoid waiting alone at bus stops and on train platforms).
  14. If you go to double-decker bus (double-decker bus), always sit at the top, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of the city, see the sights and do not lose sight of.
  15. Always use a taxi license (a licensed taxi).
  16. With regard to the movement on the street, try to go without headphones, as a complete immersion into the music reduces attentiveness to what is happening around you (to reduce awareness).
  17. In the UK, for example, left-hand drive, so make sure you cross the road at the right place, use only designated signs transitions (use designated crossings).
  18. Do not flaunt expensive items such as laptops, phones or jewelry (not to display expensive items). If you feel that you’re being pursued (if you are being followed), take the exit near crowded place and ask for help (ask for assistance).
  19. Be careful with your belongings and watch out for them, and it does not leave your belongings unattended (do not leave your bag unattended), call your service provider, and the police in the event of loss or theft of your card (inform your service provider and police).
  20. If you are not using at the moment your phone, tablet or camera, keep them out of sight, such as in a pocket or bag (keep your gadgets out of sight).

Thus, following the simple tips above, you will not only be able to get away in your carefully planned journey, but also fully enjoy it without worrying about potential problems.

I suggest you download the PDF-document with useful phrases from today’s article:

↓ Useful phrases from the article «20 Travel Tips for a safe and comfortable stay» (* .pdf, 200 KB)



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